That's what our customers say

That's what our customers say...

"The jackets are great! We would buy them again at any time. We also get a lot of praise for the beautiful jackets, both for the soft shell and for the winter and rain jackets."

The Fries family, Aschaffenburg

We have a softshell jacket and a rain jacket. We - my dog ​​and I - are still mega enthusiastic and use both jackets very often. The fit is excellent."

AW, Aschaffenburg

"Finally a jacket that doesn't let itself be impressed by a pug ringlet! Great advice and great result!

Even after a few months we are still satisfied with the jackets - they are still in great shape and still look like new, just brush them off every now and then and everything is tip-top again."

A. Kowald, Rodenbach

"I can really only recommend the dog jacket. Putting the jacket on is super quick and easy. Our dog really likes wearing the jacket and doesn't feel restricted at all when playing and romping around. In freezing temperatures, the jacket keeps our dog nice and warm and protects her back and tummy good. If the jacket gets dirty, you can easily clean it in the washing machine."

LK, Frammersbach

"Nicole and her team tailored a winter coat and rain jacket for my dachshund Lotti! I'm still amazed at how much patience and precision it took! Dachshunds all have an individual body shape and everything was tailored according to needs and fabric Lotti really wears her rain jacket all the time and the jacket is not spared, because we "walk over hill and dale". After the walk, the jacket "goes in the washing machine" and it dries quite quickly and is ready for use again. Soon after 2 years of continuous use, the jacket still looks really good (all seams are immaculate) and is still tight and everything is great! So if you are looking for a really great jacket for your darling dog, my dog's suit - mutt couture is the right choice!"

Silke and Lotti, Hainburg