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Nicole Daum-Hornung




What would such a dog jacket business be like?
without his inspirational muse?

Featured - Chic - High quality - Functional - Sustainable - Made in Germany

My Dog's Suit stands for high-quality, functional and stylish dog clothing. Our products are designed to offer our four-legged friends and their owners the best comfort and safety inside. Whether it's an outdoor adventure or a stroll through town, our dog clothing accompanies you and your darling in all situations.

Nicole Daum-Hornung: Managing Director

The graduate social worker (FH) and graduate businesswoman (FH) came to the dog in 2011 and since then has been working as an ungraduate service specialist for a beagle mix.

Balu: Muse

Our muse is Balu - most loyal friend, patient jacket model, talented tracker, indiscriminate omnivore, intellectually challenged - but with his heart in the right place.

Special dog - special jacket - made in Germany

My dog's suit stands for high-quality, functional and stylish dog clothing that offers our four-legged friends and their owners the best comfort and safety in all situations. It goes without saying that the concerns of our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to continuously improve and develop our products for the benefit of dogs, people and the environment.

By manufacturing under fair working conditions in Germany, we focus on lean, resource-saving processes, cooperation at eye level and sustainability. When you choose my dog's suit, you are not only choosing the best for your four-legged friend. You are also supporting a responsible approach to our environment and choosing a brand that is committed to you, your needs and the needs of your dog.

Special dog - special jacket

Welcome to the world of my dog's suit - Kötercouture

High quality

We rely on high-quality materials and lean, resource-saving processes. We always treat everyone involved, from our employees to our partners, as equals.


We benefit from the short distances, especially when developing new collections: If we have any questions, we can act quickly and directly on site at our cooperation partner's production facility instead of traveling long distances by plane. This not only saves time, but also reduces CO2 emissions.


Whether for outdoor adventures or a stroll through town, our dog clothing will accompany you and your pet in all situations.

Since 2017

We strive for the continuous improvement and further development of our products for the benefit of dogs, people and the environment.

Since 2019

is the first collection after extensive development work and many hours on the market.

Since 2023

there are some important changes at my dog's suit: new web store, Trusted Shop certification, retailer catalog, growing TikTok community with more than 3,000 members, over 1,100 Instagram followers, newsletter, new payment options such as Apple Pay, Klarna and Google Pay, three new ambassadors and "last but not least" a partnership with the Aschaffenburg animal shelter.

Made in Germany - with full conviction!

Efficient & sustainable

My dog's suit is a synonym for quality and reliability "made in Germany". But for us this means more than excellent products. It also stands for sustainability and fairness. Our dog clothes are manufactured under fair working conditions in Germany. We rely on high-quality materials and lean and therefore resource-saving processes.

In doing so, we treat everyone involved, from employees: inside to our partners: inside, always on an equal footing.

Of dog and human


When you choose My dog's suit, you don't just choose the best for your four-legged friend. They also support responsible treatment of our environment and fair working conditions. You choose a brand that cares about you, your needs and the needs of your dog.

Balu and our cooperation partners

Aschaffenburg dog center, Aschaffenburg animal shelter and Zego textile finishing center

A big thank you to the Aschaffenburg animal shelter of the Tierschutzverein Aschaffenburg und Umgebung. e.V.! 🐾❤️

Your tireless work and unwavering commitment to our four-legged friends in Aschaffenburg are impressive. Special thanks go to Christiane Eisenbach, the head of the dog department, whose heart and dedication to the animals is incomparable. Not forgetting Alexandra Kieser, the deputy chairwoman, for her great support and Armin Lerch, the accomplished photographer who puts each of our four-legged models in the best light. Their efforts make a difference and we at my dog's suit are proud to work with them.
At my dog's suit, we value quality and regional production. For every dog jacket sold, we donate 1,- € to the animal shelter in the form of these exclusive dog jackets and dog coats made in Aschaffenburg. Every purchase not only supports local craftsmanship, but also provides warmth and protection for a furry resident of the shelter.

Special moments await us in the coming weeks:
exclusive photo shoots with the shelter's dogs. Thanks to Armin Lerch's photographic skills, our four-legged models will shine in our "made in Aschaffenburg" dog jackets. And with the help of TikTok and Instagram, we not only want to showcase our products made in Germany, but also these wonderful dogs who are looking for a loving home.

Please support us in our mission: With every purchase at my dog's suit you make it possible for the dogs of the Aschaffenburg animal shelter to appear in first-class, locally made dog jackets and dog coats and give them the chance of a new, loving home