Tailor-made service / custom-made

Whether giant woof or mini barker, extremely long back or hardly any neck, round stomach or slightly short legs: dogs come in countless sizes and shapes - and in the most unusual variations. So shopping for clothes can be quite a challenge. Do you have a copy that doesn't fit an off-the-shelf jacket?

No problem! With the bookable PERFECT service are the jackets of MY DOG'S SUIT made to fit those fur friends whose dimensions move outside the usual norm.

Our PERFECT service can only be booked for previously purchased standard jackets from our collection and can be ordered in 3 package sizes:

Package S

The right package for one Minor adjustment to one of our standard jackets: shortening the neck length, changing the leg loops, changing the waist belt.

Complete price: EUR 20

Package M

This package includes one Medium-sized adjustment to one of our standard jackets: sewing in an opening in the back for access to the harness, shortening the sides, lengthening the belly section, changing the tail section, changing the leg sections.

Complete price: EUR 40

Package L

With this package made a major adjustment where we combine multiple jacket sizes. The jacket with the right back length serves as the basis, and we combine a matching chest and stomach part and the corresponding side parts.

Complete price: EUR 60

How does the PASSGENAU service work?

After booking the right PASSGENAU package in our shop, we will contact you as soon as possible and arrange an appointment.

Ideally, we will adjust the jacket live and in color directly at your site. You will then receive the changed jacket back within 14 days free of shipping costs.

Should we not be able to personally fit your dog's jacket (eg because we are far from you), we offer an unconventional fitting using the wonders of modern technology. In addition to a standard measuring tape, you need a way to contact us via video chat (WhatsApp, Skype or similar). We will then navigate you through the measurement of your dog via professional long-distance instructions - almost always in direct visual contact, so that nothing can go wrong.

Then send us the jacket and the determined dimensions by post (please not the dog!); We will send the modified jacket back to you within 14 days, free of charge, of course.

Doesn't fit? - But not for long...