Fit - which is the right size?

How do I measure my dog ​​correctly?

For everyone in our Online shop order and look for the right size there, we recommend measuring the back length of the future jacket wearer beforehand.

And this is how it's done:

1. Take a measuring tape!

2. Challenge number one: The dog should stand as still and upright as possible when measuring in order to achieve a useful result.
Yes... we know... - You can do it!

3. Challenge number two: Finding the withers. The withers is the highest point of the shoulder blade (measured from the floor) - please find it!
4. Conspicuously mark the spot found with a black felt-tip pen; for Dalmatians we recommend a red one!
5. No, #4 was just kidding... but remember where you found it!

6. Challenge number three: finding the base of the tail. It can be found where the dog's tail is attached to the body - please locate that point as well!

7. Finally, the measuring tape comes into play: Now measure the distance between the withers and the base of the tail - and you have already determined the back length of your dog! Congratulations!

8th. Now you can look for the right jacket size in our SHOP. We wish you good shopping!